LineupNX Update

Introducing the LineupNX Sidebar

A new tool to enhance your productivity

Now have feed rundowns, dropped items, evergreen pieces and items marked for inclusion in a future rundown right at your fingertips. LineupNX has always had a preview display for teleprompter copy. Now we have added four more displays that will make your newsroom more efficient. We call it the Sidebar. Five tabs that give you quick access to key item information.

The feeds tabFeeds lets the Desk keep track of stories expected from satellite and line feeds.

Baggers displays a list of currently pre-packed features, obituaries and anniversary items.

Over matter is a list of potential stories that have been dropped from the current rundown but can be called up if needed.

For next show displays all items the Desk has marked for copying into the rundown of the next edition, for example into the 11:00 pm show after the 6:00pm

Item copy shows a preview of any teleprompter copy currently written for a particular story. A double click opens the editing window for that item.

A double click on any slug listed in any of the other tabs automatically inserts that item into your rundown (so long as you have permission to change the rundown running order).

To complement the new sidebar we have created a sample "baggers" rundown that you can modify and a "feeds" template, also customizable, that can be used as the basis for a 'feeds' rundown for every day.

This is just the beginning!

We will add more tabs as our users request them and will add more capability to each tab.

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