LineupNX Update

LineupNX ahead in the clouds

All your offices -- local, remote and on-location -- can access the rundown and all the copy all the time.

LineupNX users can now take advantage of  affordable cloud computing services and make rundowns, scripts, teleprompter copy and research notes available to all staff with an internet connection, whether they are across town or across the ocean.

The key is a cloud sync service such as Dropbox Dropbox, Google Drive Google drive, YouSendIt YouSendIt, or SkyDrive

Because LineupNX files are compact and there is no large database to maintain (each rundown is a mini-database on its own), they are quickly uploaded to and downloaded from cloud servers. All that is required is an account with a cloud and file sync service (like Dropbox, Google Drive, YouSendIt or SkyDrive) for the newsroom. The cloud folder is installed on the server / computer where you would normally store rundown and script files for LineupNX. You then install or copy the LineupNX file system into that cloud folder. The LineupNX network folder in the cloud folder is shared on the local network and all local installations of LineupNX have it set as the network file location as usual.

The best part

In the newsroom, LineupNX works as it always has but now field offices and reporters on location (as long as they have an Internet connection) have the same access to LineupNX rundowns and associated documents as the main newsroom. For each remote location, all that is needed is to install the cloud software using the newsroom account. When the cloud system does its first synchronization, the LineupNX folder system with all the files from the main newsroom will be copied to the remote location. Just point LineupNX to the LineupNX folder in the cloud folder. That is all there is to it. Now all the remote location installations of LineupNX can be online with the newsroom. Users can update rundown items, write and edit copy, use the common Future File and other LineupNX resources no matter where they are. There are delays due to upload, download time, sync intervals and network traffic, but because LineupNX files are so compact, you may never notice it. In our tests delays were typically 30 seconds between the time a change was made at one location and when it showed up in the rundown at a remote location. We had the refresh rate for checking for changes set to 10 seconds at each location (The remote location can't take advantage of the LineupNX internal messaging system).**

Broadcast and Journalism faculty can use it too

No need to be tied to the campus when grading and assessing student work. With LineupNX files in the cloud, your students' written contributions to a production are available through the LineupNX interface from home as well, without having to print out every script, intro or rundown.

Here is an example (of course we are asking you to take our word for it). 

Editor's computer at the LineupNX officeThe image to theSame rundown opened by reporter in
                          another location left is a screen shot taken at the LineupNX office. The Editor is logged in and has opened a Monday lineup. She has inserted a story called "Test for Cloud" as item a31. You can see it if you view the image separately (right click to bring up a menu for viewing).

The image on the right was taken at another location across town. A reporter has logged in to the desktop computer (on which we installed the latest build of LineupNX) and has loaded the same rundown that is being worked on at the office. Look at item a31 and you will see it is the test item called "Test for Cloud". Everything works. If an intro is being edited on the computer in the office, it will be locked for editing on the remote computer too, and vice versa. If the reporter writes a script in Word that is linked to a rundown item, the Editor can look at it in the newsroom too.

*We have only tested LineupNX remote with Dropbox, Google Drive, YouSendIt and SkyDrive (only works with Windows Vista, Windows 7). Baobab Productions does not endorse or guarantee any specific cloud sync service. Baobab Productions has no financial interest in any cloud service and has been paid no fee or consideration for the use of the service names..
**Remote performance will depend on the quality of the Internet connection. Do not try to sync video or large graphic files that are attached to a LineupNX rundown.

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