LineupNX Update

The Canadian Army News chooses LineupNX

The Ottawa-based production team now has a valuable tool to improve their productivity.

The Multimedia team of the Canadian Army has chosen LineupNX 2 over other newsroom programs as their newsroom computer system in the production of The Army News. The Army News team produces two bilingual newscasts a week. The stories are for and about soldiers in the Canadian Army and are distributed to Canadian forces units from Wainwright, Alberta to Kandahar, Afghanistan.

"This was an interesting assignment for us," says David Mowbray of Baobab Productions. "Because the Army News show is bilingual with a co-anchor for each language, the producers wanted to color code the teleprompter copy. We were able to do that and now each reader/presenter has their own prompter text color."
New teleprompter settings
Before installing LineupNX 2, the production team had been using a word processor to create rundowns and a separate teleprompter program to play out copy written with another program. Timing was done with a calculator or a spreadsheet. With LineupNX the Army News team can do all those tasks and more in a single, integrated environment with many of the steps, like the sexagesimal timing arithmetic, being done automatically. The twelve workstations running LineupNX are always up to date. Copy edits and rewrites are much easier to manage and all members of the team can be more directly involved in helping improve the production.

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